Class Reunion Preparation and Ideas


Class Reunion Preparation and Ideas

Class Reunion Ideas

Planning a high school reunion party has never been easier due to social networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace. If you are unable to locate a former classmate, then it is likely you could send out a few messages on Facebook and you would be able to find them.

class reunion party

That being said however, statistics show that only 10 – 25% of a class will show up to a typical class reunion party. This could be due to cold feet, as a high school class reunion party can be an emotional affair. However another reason for this poor statistic could be down to poor organizing and planning.

It has to be said that a reunion party is one of the most difficult and nerve racking of all theme parties to host. You want it to be a success after all to avoid embarrasment. If you follow these class reunion ideas, you stand the best possible chance of having a successful party that you and your guests will always remember.

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  1. People will be coming from all over the country and possibly even other countries to attend your reunion. This thought may heap tonnes of pressure on you, so why not recruit 1 or 2 other former classmates to help you in the planning process.
  2. You should give as much time as possible to plan your reunion, even up to a year is not unusual! Remember that your former classmates will have families and jobs to plan around, so give them plenty of time!
  3. Instead of sending out invites like a normal party, I would have an official reunion website, or at the very least a Facebook or Myspace page dedicated to the event! This way your former classmates will be able to see who else is attending as well as other details.
  4. A quick look on the internet should show you that there are professional party organisers in your area who specialise in class reunions. If in doubt, why not give them a call and factor it into your budget!
  5. Your class reunion party is going to cost quite a bit of money! All the more reason to give plenty of notice! You can request the money up front from your classmates via your website.
  6. Your website should have a form for all your classmates to fill out. Find out information such as:

A – Are they vegetarian? You need to plan ahead for the meals!

B – Will they be requiring accomodation? If enough people need a hotel, you could negotiate a group discount at a nice local hotel!

C – Ask if they would like to order photographs of the event. They can be made into a dvd etc. If enough people are in favour then you could afford to hire a photographer for the night!

D – Would they like to order any extras such as class of (insert year) pens, t-shirts, photo frames etc.

E – Get your former classmates to upload an old school photo.

F – Finally have a link going to Paypal so they can pay up front!

  1. Hire a professional photographer. Station him by the entrance with his backdrop to take photos of every person in attendance. You can use this later on for the dvd. If you have managed to obtain enough old school photos you can have a before and after shot of everybody to show how much they have changed. I also suggest you do the same with a class photo, taking good care to have your classmates stand in the same spot as the original.
  2. Play music from the year of graduation. This will be incredibly nostalgic.
  3. Make sure you have name tags for all the attendees. This will help reduce the inevitable possibility of forgetting names!
  4. The food should in general be a sit down dining experience, no finger buffets here! It is a rare occasion that people will have been waiting for and will have paid a lot of money to attend. Make sure that you have the best food you have been able to obtain within your budget. Have a fancy menu and hire a good chef!

Above all have fun! You will not be the only nervous person attending your class reunion!

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